YLEO RAINDROP- ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY - 55 minute session $94.95

The ancient process of oil distillation is a delicate and precise art that has been almost forgotten.

Science is just now rediscovering the healing substances of essential oils that were used in ancient times and beginning to acknowledge their value. Essential oils are distilled from the aromatic substances contained in a semi-oily resin found in many flowers, trees, shrubs, herbs, bushes, roots, seeds, leaves, stems, and flowering petals. This resin or oil released from the plant contains trace elements of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, hormones, antibodies, and anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, antiseptic, and immune-stimulating properties.  

Using a combination of reflexology, aromatherapy, massage techniques, and essential oils applied on your spine and on the feet, we place high quality essential oils on the reflex points of your feet. During the therapy you will start by lying face-up on the table. Our friendly staff member will use a layering process of different essential oils applied to the feet and spine. The combination of these oils, and the application of warm moist towels to the spine and back, allows the oils to penetrate your body quickly and start their therapeutic process on a cellular level.

Everybody responds to the Raindrop technique differently, and what works for one may not work for another. We try to be sensitive to the person we are working on so that you can get the most out of the Raindrop Technique as you can. Most people feel relaxed during the process. After the Raindrop Massage Technique you may feel more energetic or relaxed. It depends on you and what your body needs at that time.  The Raindrop Technique also helps align the energy centers of the body and helps release them if blocked. You will receive the benefits of healing hands and oils as the the Raindrop Technique is applied.

This therapy has been known to increase the immune system, relieve back issues, and to create balance and harmony in the body - physically, mentally, and emotionally. The technique focuses the healing essence of the essential oils directly to the spinal column where it is believed that viruses and bacteria lie dormant until the immune system weakens. The oils create an environment that is not hospitable to these “foreign” agents in our bodies and causes them to be eliminated naturally.

This detoxification method and can assist you in eliminating symptoms associated with cold and flu and other common conditions. Remember, everybody responds differently. Eating a proper diet, exercising and remaining positive and optimistic is helpful. One Raindrop Technique may last months for one person, but another might need weekly treatments.

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