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Today we have the benefit of medical and natural holistic information at our fingertips.  It is up to us individually to decide how we want to take care of our body.  If we don’t decide, but do only what others tell us to do, then we forfeit our most precious right to live our own life.

Katie Murphy founded this colon hydrotherapy practice over 25 years ago and has provided over 85,000 colonics for our Minnesota neighbors, more than any provider in MN! At Healing Insights you know you are getting the best Colon Hydrotherapy service in the Twin Cities. We invite you to read more and come see us and discover a world of healing insights for yourself.

Comfortable and Discrete 

  • Our Colon Hydrotherapy service is professional.

  • Private Restrooms for Colonic therapy rooms in all our clinics.

  • Therapy and private restroom areas are completely separated from reception area for your privacy.

  • Our clinics are decorated in warm inviting colors and art intended to relax and calm.

  • Clients may choose to listen to music.

  • We offer essential oils to assist with the release and/or calm the nerves.

Free Consultations

  • Clients may request free consultation with Rachel Dolan or Ruth Menard

  • Therapists consult with Rachel Dolan or Ruth Menard regarding client progress.

  • Client consultations, however, are not required in order for clients to make appointments.

Open 7 Days a Week, Call for an Appointment or schedule online NOW!


Mon-Fri 8 am- 8 pm, Sat-Sun 8 am - 6 pm

New Money Saving Packages

$169.95 - 2 Session Discount Package* $399.95 - 5 Session Discount Package*

*5 and 2 Session Discount Packages do have some restrictions including sessions must be completed within 60 days.

“Founded on the beliefs that, Everyone is to be respected, The body does the healing - we are here to help it & the more we can learn from each other the better off we will all be.”


Disclaimer: It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor first. We only use medical grade equipment. Our 24 hour cancellation policy is in full effect and late cancellations will be subject to 100% payment for services booked. Please check our contraindications page to view a list of conditions that may hinder you from using our services. For a detailed explanation on FDA approved colonoscopy prep click here. Thank You!

Client Confidentiality: Healing Insights, as an employer, requires Colonic Therapists and all employees to sign client confidentiality contracts.