We only use FDA approved equipment

Deciding where to have a Colonic requires knowledge about the different types of equipment therapists use. We believe Colonics should only be performed on professional equipment that controls both temperature and pressure of water flow into the body and maintains a “closed system” water outflow process. These measures ensure comfort, effectiveness, safety, and hygiene requirements. 

Not all Colon Hypnotherapists use professional equipment. Some use inexpensive or home-made colonic devices that are “gravity fed” or “open water flow” systems that compromise comfort, success, and hygiene.

Professional equipment has a “pressure gauge” informing the therapist of any change to pressure inside the body. She is able to know and adjust the water pressure following into the body to Ensure your comfort, release more matter and lessen stress and effort for the client.

  • Professional Colonics use a “closed water flow” system, which means the water flows into and out of the body directly into the equipment plumbing through a disposable tubing. At no time does the water or the waste matter empty into an open receptacle and become exposed to the air compromising hygiene and exposure to bacteria. Therefore, no mess, no odor, no fuss.

  • Professional equipment has a back-flow prevention device built into it. This means that flowing out from the Colonic equipment, under any circumstances, will not flow back into the equipment. At Healing Insights, we have followed city health codes for medical devices and have installed a separate RPZ unit for the water line. The RPZ would stop any pressure change, even a fire truck using a fire hydrant, from affecting the colonic hygiene.

  • Also very important, professional equipment has a built in system for sterilizing and cleansing the equipment’s internal tubing and the plumbing itself. Again, ensuring the best possible hygiene for each client.

  • The Therapist has the knowledge and experience and is the person who should be operating the equipment. Do-it-yourself Colonic sessions do not give you the benefit of a professional’s knowledge and experience During the session, the therapist will talk about the body, how digestion works, explain the detoxing process and what you might expect. The Therapist answers your questions and provides information about your Colonic that you may learn more to better help yourself.


We Use “Closed System” Colonic Equipment

  • We use disposable single use speculum inserts and tubing.

  • The colonic device is FDA approved.

  • A “closed system” colonic means the inserted tubing goes from you to the equipment without exposure to air or environment so that you may have “no odor, no fuss, no mess” and a more comfortable and successful colonic with the water flow doing most of the work.  The closed system equipment has a pressure guage to help monitor the client’s reaction to the water flow. This information is used by the therapist to adjust the water flow for greater colonic success and client comfort.  This equipment has self-regulated water pressure and temperature maximum levels and self-sterilization cleaning process.  This system is Therapist operated and offers more assistance and expertise for the client.

  • Some other businesses offer colonics using the “open system” colonic equipment. The colonic experience is similar to an enema in that all matter is flushed into a toilet like receptacle. This equipment often does not completely hydrate the entire colon and requires the client to “push” out a release feeling more cramping. There may be odor and the toilet-like opening must be cleaned by hand.  The client is allowed to operate the equipment without a therapist and remain alone in the room.

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Disclaimer: It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor first. We only use medical grade equipment. Our 24 hour cancellation policy is in full effect and late cancellations will be subject to 100% payment for services booked. Please check our contraindications page to view a list of conditions that may hinder you from using our services. For a detailed explanation on FDA approved colonoscopy prep click here. Thank You!

Client Confidentiality: Healing Insights, as an employer, requires Colonic Therapists and all employees to sign client confidentiality contracts.