Would you rather try a simple, comfortable, natural, water cleansing of the colon as preparation for your colonoscopy or even your surgery instead of harsh pharmaceutical laxatives and hours of uncomfortable diarrhea? Don’t want to take Dulcolax, Miralax, or Mylicon solutions and apply Vaseline or Desitin to prevent chaffing? Try Colonic Cleansing Preparation with our professional Colon Hydrotherapy specialists.

Our professional Colon Hydrotherapy devices are client friendly, comfortable, and No Odor, No Mess, No Stress.


FDA approved – you have their go-ahead.

  • Natural water cleanse – No nasty laxative drinks.

  • Gentle on the colon and body – No hours of diarrhea.

  • Comfortable – No side effects such as dehydration and vomiting.

  • And, you don’t have to be up all night or live in your bathroom ! ! !

Healing Insights therapists are familiar with Colonic cleansing preparation for colonoscopy or surgery.  We help you understand the process and provide material for you to reference.

People who have never experienced the Colonic are pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and simple the process can be.  A gentle flow of water carries the intestinal waste out a small tube, thus, no odor, no mess, no stress.

  • People who have had Colonic sessions previously may find having a Colonic the day before and the morning of the colonoscopy will meet their cleansing needs.

  • Others may need additional Colonics to assure proper cleansing.

  • Some may choose to combine the Colonic Cleansing protocol with only a partial laxative preparation protocol. In other words, they may be able to comfortable and successfully take considerably less laxative dosage or use a much milder laxative type.  This combination may dramatically limit the discomfort of the laxative side effects.

For more information about our Colonic Cleansing protocol for colonoscopy preparation, please call our office.  We will discuss your concerns and provide additional information.

Healing Insights sets the professional standards and is the leading provider of educational material for Colonics in the Twin Cities and Minnesota areas.       Thank you for considering our services.



The following are laxatives and their side effects which are commonly suggested colonoscopy preparations.**

  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG): Brand names: Golytely, Colyte, Nulytely, Trilyte, Halflytely PEG solutions work by pushing a large volume of fluid through the bowel to force out waste. The salty taste may be unpalatable, and the large fluid volume can cause nausea, vomiting, bloating, and cramping.

  • Oral sodium phosphate (OSP) solution: Brand names: Fleet Phospho-soda EZ-Prep, Fleet Accu-prep OSP draws water into the gut to promote cleansing. It’s as effective as PEG and easier to tolerate, but it can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

  • Oral sodium phosphate (OSP) tablets: Brand names: Visicol, OsmoPrep OSP tablets are as effective as liquid OSP or PEG and may be more tolerable. They may cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances in some people.

  • Laxatives: Magnesium citrate Bisacodyl There are rare reports of ischemic colitis (loss of blood supply to the colon) associated with bisacodyl use.


**This information is taken in part from: The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide, Preparing for a Colonoscopy

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