Regular Member - $89.95

Keep Clean Member - $78.95

20 Colonic Sessions plus Keep Clean Membership * - $1,579.00

*Membership is automatic for Healing Insights clients if they complete 20 Colonic sessions within any 12 month period of time. To maintain membership simply complete 10 Colonic sessions per year thereafter. You may also purchase a membership.


2 Session Discount Package - $169.95

5 Session Discount Package - $399.95

As of August 1, 2019, there will be a 3% fee for all credit card transactions. 

Emergency colon hydrotherapy appointments available. 

We understand life can make scheduling difficult. Although we have full-time therapists and offer evenings and weekends appointments, our busy seasons tend to book out quickly.

For those that may require an urgent appointment outside of our therapists general schedules, Healing Insights offers emergency sessions at a rate of $100.00. 

This rate applies to any appointments granted on non-work days or extensions of regular work hours.


One Session - $94.95


2 Session Discount Package* - $179.00

*2 Session Discount Packages do have some restrictions, sessions must be completed within 60 days.

Add on Services

Bring your own product (Liquid solutions you provide are added to the Colonic water) - $5.00

Garlic and/or Aloe Vera (Supplied by us) - $9.95

Complimentary Services

The Hothouse

We call it the “Dome”. Hothouse is a trademark name for a device that like a sauna warms the body using far infrared rays. We have the Hothouse sitting on a tray-like stand that rolls up over your belly while you sit in a chair or you may lie on a table doing the Chi Machine and have the Hothouse over your belly.

The Chi Machine

This machine oscillates back and forth with your legs (just above your ankles) in the stirrup. Your whole body receives the gentle exercise which increases circulation and helps relax muscles.